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Providing Cash Commercial Real Estate and Digital Asset Investment Opportunities

Cornerstone Investments, LLC is a nationally recognized investment firm specializing in the acquisition and management of value-add real estate investment opportunities as well as investments in Bitcoin mining. The firm takes an opportunistic approach towards focusing on investments that meet its overall investment goals: Providing our investors with ongoing cash flow, and identifying investment opportunities that build long-term wealth.

Bitcoin Mining Fund

Cornerstone Investments' Bitcoin Mining Fund is structured to
provide investors with several benefits:


  • Monthly Distributions in your choice of either Dollars or Bitcoin

  • Potential to accumulate Bitcoin at a significant discount

  • Significant tax advantages

Image of Bitcoin coins
Cornerstone Investment’s commercial real estate value-add model consists of:
Commercial real estate investment model

Fix it

Repairing, leasing-up and rebranding the properties, as needed.

Acquiring under-performing properties in strong locations that are in need of capital and management expertise.

Buy it Right

Creating significant value and cashflow to the properties that did not exist before.

Lease it Up

Sell at Premium

Selling the properties at a premium to stabilized asset investors.

Cornerstone Investments specializes in commercial real estate properties and digital assets

See our portfolio and learn more about current opportunities

Cornerstone Investments brings together individual accredited investors

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