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Cornerstone Investments 

Cornerstone Investments, LLC is a nationally recognized investment firm specializing in the acquisition and management of commercial real estate properties as well as the acquisition of Bitcoin through its Bitcoin Mining Fund. The firm focuses on providing its investors with a high rate of return in both secured commercial real estate investment opportunities and Bitcoin investment opportunities. 

Cornerstone Investments generates attractive returns for its clients through our expertise in evaluating, structuring and actively managing real estate investments. We invest alongside our clients, reflecting our careful due diligence, alignment of interests, and personal commitment to the success of our investments.

Managing Principal 

Zach Winner is the managing principal of Cornerstone Investments, LLC. Mr. Winner has over 30 years of experience in real estate investment, law, business, finance, marketing and management, and over 6 years of investment experience in crypto currencies.

Mr. Winner has owned and operated real estate and mortgage brokerage offices in Southern and Northern California, providing real estate acquisition and financial services to clients in hundreds of transactions throughout the United States. Mr. Winner also previously acted as Chief Executive Officer and General Counsel for a public affairs firm, counseling Fortune 500 corporations and other clients on a variety of corporate communication issues.  

Mr. Winner is a licensed attorney, and a member of the California Bar Association. He is a graduate of the University of Southern California, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications Arts and Sciences, and a graduate of the McGeorge School of Law at the University of the Pacific, with a Juris Doctorate degree. 

Professional Team 

Cornerstone Investments has established long term relationships with highly qualified professionals within their field of expertise. Our team of experts assists Cornerstone Investments with the successful acquisition of Commercial Real Estate Properties, and includes experts in the following fields:

  • Securities and Exchange Commission Attorney

  • Market-Specific Real Estate Attorneys

  • Market-Specific Professional Property Management Company

  • Nationwide Commercial Brokers

  • Certified Public Accountant

  • Bankers and Mortgage Brokers

  • Market-Specific Inspectors

  • Market-Specific Contractors

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